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Exploring New Worlds
Exploring New Worlds
Exploring New Worlds

When we started in 1987, we couldn't imagine our journey.

Three technology shifts, the rise of the internet, companies ruled by millennials, and software eating the world, one company becoming three, and a very successful sale of one of them.

The journey started with AllSolutions in 1987. In 2001, AllSolutions was one of the first companies to launch a full ERP suite on the internet.


In 2016 we launched VOGSY, a third-generation ERP solution for Professional Services Organizations, built on the Google Cloud Platform for maximum scalability. Then we created GeeFirm, from the acquisition of two Google Cloud Services resellers, as a sales and services channel for VOGSY. was our latest addition in 2018, as the holding company to keep our three brands GeeFirm, AllSolutions, and VOGSY on a straight course towards their future.

In 2022, we decided that a new environment would better serve AllSolutions' growth ambitions. So, recently, in January 2023 AllSolutions joined the Dias Group.


GAV.International now supports VOGSY and GeeFirm in their aim to create and deliver the best SaaS business software to our users worldwide and streamline international expansion. 

Exploring new worlds.


Leo Koster


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